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About Block Schedules

Green Valley High School’s current six-period schedule will change to a ‘block schedule’ at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. Instead of meeting for six classes each day (where they see their teachers every day), students will meet for eight 81-minute classes spread over two days (so they will see their teachers every other day).

One of the primary reasons for this change is that Nevada’s graduation requirements will change for the Class of 2022.  Students will be required to have an increased number of credits and a block schedule gives students the opportunity to receive eight credits per year instead of the current six credits per year.

There are other educational benefits of a block schedule, including:

  • Longer periods allow for greater depth of instruction. This increases the opportunity for teachers to utilize differentiated and varied teaching strategies (i.e. cooperative learning, inquiry-based lessons, simulations, science labs, etc.), as well as student-centered learning experiences, and other instructional approaches.
  • Students will be able to focus on four subject matters per day versus six, giving them fewer classes to prepare for on a given day.  This will allow them to give each class more of their attention.

A block schedule also benefits teachers in a number of ways, including:

  • Teachers benefit from more usable instructional time each day because less time is lost with beginning and ending classes.
  • Additional teacher preparation time is afforded to plan student-centered lessons. With one 81-minute prep period each day.

For more information about block schedules, please watch the below 4-minute video from Principal Kent Roberts (you may need to click on it twice to load it and then play) and then review the list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have a question that has not already been answered in the video or the FAQ, please feel free to send us an email using the form at the bottom of the page and an administrator will reply to you via email within one or two days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other high schools within CCSD that utilize a block schedule?2020-03-24T09:44:06-07:00

Yes, in fact, the majority of CCSD high schools currently use a block schedule, including magnet career and technical academies.

How will moving to a block schedule affect overall student achievement?2020-03-24T09:46:09-07:00

All current research shows that there is no statistical difference and research does not support that one schedule is better than the other. Students are equally successful in both.

How will the new schedule affect the variety of courses that are offered to my students?2020-03-24T09:45:18-07:00

Students will continue to access the same variety of courses and will be able to enroll in additional elective courses, as they have two additional periods each semester to explore additional electives.

We are excited for students to have additional opportunities in their schedule to take classes they formerly could not fit into a traditional six-period schedule.

We are also hoping to be able to offer new courses that we were not able to accommodate in a six period day.

What are some other benefits of a block schedule?2020-03-24T09:44:32-07:00

Longer class periods allow for greater depth of instruction and this increases the opportunity for teachers to utilize differentiated and varied teaching strategies (i.e. cooperative learning, inquiry-based lessons, simulations, science labs, etc.), as well as student-centered learning experiences, and other instructional approaches.

Also, students with four classes per day versus have fewer classes to prepare for on a given day, which can allow them to give each class greater attention.

Another benefit is that students will have the opportunity to receive eight credits a year as opposed to six, making it easier to meet the state of Nevada’s graduation requirement of 22 ½ , which for the class of 2022 changes to 23 credits.

Lastly, fewer transition periods can lead to a reduced number of discipline issues.

What will the schedule look like?2020-03-24T09:44:49-07:00

Here is an example of the tentative schedule:

Block Schedule at GVHS

How will I know what day it is in the rotation?2020-03-24T09:45:32-07:00

The school year calendar will be predetermined and posted. For example, if there is inclement weather on an “A day” and school is closed, when we return to school the next day, it will be a “B day.” The “year” calendar will be predetermined and posted for the full year. The “day” calendar will be posted in many places throughout the school as well as communicated via school announcements, GVTV, GVHS folders, and the website.

How might an 81-minute class period look?2020-03-24T09:46:26-07:00

Here is one example of how an 81-minute period might be broken up:

Sample Block Schedule at GVHS

How will instruction differ in an 81 minute period versus a 52 minute class?2020-03-24T09:45:02-07:00

It is not our expectation that they would be doing so. In going to a block schedule, GVHS’s goal is to provide deeper learning and opportunities to become experts at learning with varied instructional techniques, including more opportunities for students to be active, collaborating participants in the learning process. We recognize the biological needs and educational benefits of movement and encourage teachers to incorporate purposeful movement throughout each class.

Is my student losing class time moving to a block schedule?2020-03-24T09:46:14-07:00

Yes, technically, minutes of instruction will decrease. However, with fewer but longer classes, more instructional time is gained. Teachers will not spend as much time, taking role, daily warm-up, and gain time from less transition periods.

My child is taking IB classes. How will this affect their schedule?2020-03-24T09:45:37-07:00

Students in IB will benefit by having a wider range of courses and elective opportunities available to them, including our award winning performing arts, music programs, robotics, and High School of Business.

How does a block schedule affect AP classes?2020-03-24T09:45:43-07:00

A block schedule will allow students to take more AP classes and/or electives that cannot currently be accommodated in a six-period schedule.

My student has an IEP, how will block schedule affect them?2020-03-24T09:45:09-07:00

Special Services programs will continue to be provided according to Individual Education Plans. Additional adaptations will be made as needed to specific programs to ensure that student needs are met. We anticipate that with the new block schedule we can more easily support our Community Based Instruction (CBI) where gain valuable experiences by visiting local businesses and learning work based skills.

How will having additional credits benefit my student?2020-03-24T09:45:48-07:00

It opens their schedule to take more AP courses as well as more elective courses they were previously not able to take.

My student will have a lot more credits than they need to graduate. What does this mean?2020-03-24T09:45:54-07:00

Students will be able to take more elective classes, AP classes, or have an open period where they can leave campus early.

If my junior has all their credits, may they have an open period?2020-03-24T09:46:04-07:00

Yes, juniors with sufficient credits may have open periods.

Will my senior still have to come to school if they have all their credits?2020-03-24T09:46:18-07:00

Yes, seniors still have to come to school for their senior year. Seniors have to enroll in four classes each semester. English 12 and US Government are required senior classes. Most will then take two elective classes such as band, theatre, video broadcast, guitar, art, High School of Business, etc.

What happens when my student is absent?2020-03-24T09:45:24-07:00

Similar to our current process, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that when they are absent, they make up any missed work in accordance with each of the student’s teacher’s requirements. Teachers at GVHS use Google Classroom and post all their class assignments on their classroom site. It is the student’s responsibility to check Google Classroom for course information and contact the teacher if they have any questions regarding assigned work. Previously announced projects and/or assessments must be submitted on their due date if it is an electronic submission. If the assignment or assessment is a hard copy it must be turned in on student’s return to school, or based on teacher discretion.

What training is planned for teachers?2020-03-24T09:44:56-07:00

Professional development has been planned to help teachers acquire the tools that they will need to transition students to a block schedule.

Still Have A Question?

If you have already watched the video and have read through the FAQ section above, but still have questions about block schedules, you are welcome to send them to us using the form below.  Please allow 1-2 days for an administrator to reply to you via email.  Thank you!

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