Boys Volleyball, Track & Field, Boys Golf, Swim & Diving, Baseball, Softball
COVID-19 Testing Window: Opens March 8, 2021
Intramurals: Starts March 22, 2021
First Official Day of Practice: Starts April 3, 2021
End of Season: May 22, 2021

FALL SPORTS (Intramurals Only)
Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Tennis (Girls Golf is unavailable at this time)
COVID-19 Testing Window: March 22, 2021 (Football Only), April 19, 2021 (Other Fall Sports)
Intramurals: Starts March 22, 2021(Football Only), May 3, 2021 (Other Fall Sports)
End of Intramurals: May 1, 2021 (Football Only), May 22, 2021 (Other Fall Sports)
Intramural Fall Sport Registration Form:
Athletes, please use this form so coaches can build their rosters and to verify physicals and insurance.

COVID-19 Test Results: Email to:

GVHS Fall Senior Winter Sports Video-21

Our Commitment to Excellence in Athletics

Green Valley High School will ensure the opportunity for excellence of the whole individual through an educational environment which encourages achievement, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and social and global responsibility.

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2020-2021 Athletic Physical Exam & Eligibility Requirements

Below is some information for this year’s athletic physical exam and eligibility  requirements:

  • An extension is being granted for an athletic physical exam versus a yearly requirement for all CCSD athletics. An exam is good for two years provided that prior to the second year, the student submits a completed Form E, NIAA Health Questionnaire/Interim Form without any “yes” responses on that form.
  • All incoming 9th graders must have a new physical exam and are exempt from the year extension policy as stated above. All 10th-12th graders may apply the policy above if they have a current physical exam, but are still required to complete a new Form E, NIAA Health Questionnaire.
  • NIAA Board of Control, the Board authorized a one-time hardship for all tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students (2020-21 school year) to begin the 2020-21 school year academically eligible. The academic eligibility regulations have not changed and with the exception of the one-time hardship will be in full effect. Three-week grade checks remain in effect along with the eligibility requirements associated with them. The effect of the one-time hardship is that all students beginning the 2020-21 school year, for the purposes of academic eligibility only, will be treated as if they were entering high school as a ninth-grade student. Again, this waiver is for academic eligibility only and does not in any way affect the eight-semester limit on eligibility, the age limit on eligibility, the residence or transfer requirements of eligibility or any other eligibility requirement.

Athletics Calendar

The GVHS Athletics Calendar is available online by clicking the button below.

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Team Information & Scores

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Title IX

The Clark County School District continues its ongoing commitment to ensure that the District’s programs, activities, and services comply with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and to provide equal opportunity to students.  Specific concerns raised by employees, students, or parents regarding athletics or activities should also be directed to the Executive Director of Instructional Support and Student Activities at (702) 799-8493.  Concerns may also be addressed through the Parent Concern Form.

David Hawley, Assistant Principal, is the Title IX Athletics coordinator.

If there is a Title IX issue, please contact him at (702) 799-0950 x4202.

Register My Athlete

Register My Athlete and an NIAA Athletic Packet must be completed in order to participate in athletics at Green Valley HS. The packet and registration must be concurrent with the current school year.

Please use the button below to create an account at, select the current year, and then select Green Valley High School as your school. Athletic packets are available on Register My Athlete as well as the Athletic Office.  All incoming 9th grade and transfer students must provide two proofs of addresses with their Register My Athlete profile.

The cost is $35.00.  If you have any questions, please visit or contact our Athletics Office or call 702-799-0950 ext. 4202.

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Athlete Drug Testing Information

The Administration, faculty and staff of Green Valley High School have the responsibility to keep all our students safe from drug abuse, a behavior that destroys bodies and minds, impedes academic and a athletic performance, and creates barriers to success and happiness.

Parents and students can learn more about Green Valley High School’s Drug Testing Program, participation in which is required for student athletes, by visiting our Drug Testing Information page.

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The ideals of good sportsmanship, ethical behavior and integrity permeate our culture. Values such as responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic and personal sacrifice for the good of others are key ingredients in interscholastic sports. The students must obtain these positive educational benefits of athletics for sports to serve a purpose in the educational system. Good sportsmanship is viewed by the NIAA as a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity.

Game Admission Information

Ticket Prices

Adult ticket prices are $5.00. Students and Seniors are $3.00.

Identification Policy

Only current Green Valley High School students with school ID and a paid ticket will be allowed into the home stands for home football games. Greenspun Middle School and Thurman White Academy students must also present their school ID along with their tickets to enter the game.

Students from the opposing team must present their school’s current ID to enter the visitors’ bleachers.

Please remember to bring your school ID to all games. Go Gators!

Family Athletic Passes

Fall and Winter/Spring passes can be purchased at the GVHS Bank for $60.00. All Season Passes are $120.00.

Up to six (6) family names can be written on the back of the pass for entrance to athletic events. Athletic passes CAN NOT be used at tournaments or regional/state playoff events.

Lost or misplaced family passes will not be replaced.

Damaged passes can be exchanged with no charge as long as the damaged pass is surrendered to the school.

Senior Gold Card

The card provides free admission for the cardholder and one guest of any age to many of the athletic events, plays, musical performances and other activities sponsored by the school district.

The Gold Card is available to all Clark County residents age 62 and older. To obtain the card, interested persons can submit their name and address on the CCSD website under the community tab so that a card can be mailed to them or call the Educational and Operational Excellence Unit at 702-284-7954.