Library Information

Librarian: Alexander Linderman  |  (702) 799-0650 x4025


Hours: The library is open daily from 7:30—2:45.  I often keep the library open after school longer, as my schedule and temperament allow.

Book Checkout: You may check out up to 4 books, or 6 graphic novels at a time. You may keep them up to 3 weeks. Late fines are assessed at 10ȼ  per day, capping at $5.00 per book.  You may bring your books back to renew them for another 3 weeks. Take good care of your books so that damage fines are not assessed.

Computer Use: Annually turn in your Acceptable Use/Media Release form. Please be respectful of our hardware and software. Do not download programs or games without permission. You are not to play violent games on the computers or utilize any websites that are not in keeping with our CCSD policies.

Copies and Printing:  Black and White: 10ȼ per page; 15ȼ for double sided. Color: 50ȼ and up, depending on the saturation of color.

Coming In During Class: Always come in with a legibly completed and teacher signed pass.

Website: You can access our library website by going through the link on our school’s website or by typing in The library website includes access to our databases and eBooks (get password bookmark in the library) and other helpful websites, as well as current Nevada Young Reader Young Adult book nominees, policies, procedures and a book blog. Please comment about books you’ve read and loved!

Suggestion Box: Please provide ideas to make the library a better place to learn and work and requests for books you would like ordered.

It is a privilege to be in the GVHS library, for both of us.
Let us both use our best behavior and manners each day.

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve . . . . ”
—-Sidney Sheldon