Resident Recovery Grants

The City of Henderson just released “Resident Recovery Grants”. Residents financially impacted by COVID-19 can complete one application to receive a grant for utilities assistance, childcare costs, and the cost of internet services for education. Applicants must be residents of the City of Henderson and funds are paid directly to the resident and it is taxable so they will be required to complete a W-9. The link for the application and website can be accessed at:

House Assistance Program

In addition to this assistance, Henderson also has a housing assistance program to help with rent/mortgage payments. The program allows for payment of rent, mortgage, and utilities arrears back to March 1, 2020, as well as utility deposits, security deposits and emergency lodging. Payments for services are made directly to a landlord, mortgage company and/or utility company. The link for this program can be accessed at:

Childcare/Distance Learning Program

Also for families who need childcare and/or remote learning assistance we also are running our full day childcare/distance learning program – Battle Born Kids/Teens. In this program students are provided with time and space to participate in distance learning and parents receive a log at the end of each day that outlines what their child completed and what may still need to be completed at home. The program is $20/day and the registration link can be accessed at:

More information about the City of Henderson’s assistance programs is available in the video below: