Clark County School District (CCSD) is providing free school meals to all children 2 – 18 years of age.

Students may pick up meals at any food site. A student’s parent/guardian may also pick up meals for students without the child present during the meal pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can meals be picked up? 

A: Students and parents/guardians may pick up a meal at any one of CCSD’s approximately 300 meal sites during their serving time, including at Green Valley High School.

To verify your student’s enrolled site is serving meals or to find the nearest location along with service times, visit:

Q: What are the serving times at GVHS?

A: Effective March 22nd, 2021, serving times at Green Valley High School are Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) from 12:05pm – 3:05pm.

Q: How many meals can be picked up at a time?

A: One breakfast meal and one lunch meal will be provided per child per day.

Q: Can both breakfast and lunch be picked up at the same time?

A:  Yes, both breakfast and lunch can be picked up at the same time.

Q: Are menus available?

A:  Yes, menus are available online at

Q: What is needed for meal pick up?

A: Please have student identification cards, student numbers or student’s name, grade, and enrolled school site available for each meal being picked up. If possible, have the student ID card present when picking up meals OR if a student ID card is not present then please be able to verbally provide the following information:

  •         Name(s) of students
  •         Student Identification Number(s)
  •         School Location(s)
  •         Grade level(s) of students

Q: Where at the school will the meals be distributed from?

A:  Meals will be distributed from the parking lot at each school with a food site.

Q: How long will these meals be provided? 

A:  Meals will be provided following USDA guidelines under this model through December 31, 2020.

Q:  Will COVID-19 safety procedures be in place?

A:  Yes, students and parents/guardians will be required to wear a face covering when picking up meals. CCSD Food Service staff will also use face masks.


Q: How do I order my children’s medically approved special diet meals?

A: Please refer to the following Website for instructions:

Q: Where do I pick up my child’s medically approved special diet meals? 

A: Special diets may be picked up at the school of attendance or with advanced notice of at least four working days at an alternate school location. Please contact the Food Service Department at 702-799-8123 x5122 for assistance.