The Green Valley Counseling Department comprises professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. We do not work in isolation; rather we work with parents, staff and community for a total educational program. We provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to help the student achieve success in school. As Green Valley counselors, we align and work with the school’s mission to support the academic achievement of all students as they prepare for the ever-changing world of the 21st century. The Green Valley Counseling Department is available to provide academic and career guidance, and brief personal/social counseling to help students through difficult times.

To schedule an appointment with your counselor, please visit the Counselor Contact Page and select the appropriate counselor, based on your last name.

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Schedule Changes

Schedule changes will only be made if the student’s schedule contains a course that they have already passed, prerequisites have not been met to meet a graduation requirement, or if the student has a missing class period on their schedule. Students can fill out a counselor contact form via the school web site. The student’s alpha counselor will contact them regarding the contact through email.

Meeting Graduation Requirements

Guidance Counselors make every effort to monitor students’ graduation status and requirements. It is the student and parent’s responsibility to make sure all requirements are met. Parents and students can track and view their progress online from any computer using Infinite Campus. Parents and Students may also schedule a conference whenever necessary through the Counseling Office at ext 4300.

Athletes & the NCAA Clearinghouse

Students who plan to attend an NCAA Division I or II institution and who wish to participate in intercollegiate athletics need to follow initial eligibility procedures established by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Students must make their school counselor and their coach aware of their interest in collegiate athletics, as high school courses must be NCAA-approved. Current high school juniors should plan to take the ACT or SAT by the end of their eleventh grade year. When registering for the ACT/SAT, use code 9999 to report test scores to the NCAA Clearinghouse. At the start of the senior year, students should register with the Clearinghouse online. At the time of registration, students should request that their high school transcript be sent to the Clearinghouse. Following graduation, high school seniors must also request that their final high school transcript be sent to the Clearinghouse. For more information, call the NCAA hotline at 877-262-1492 or visit the website.

College & Scholarships

Both the Counseling Department and the College and Career Center are here to assist students with information about colleges and scholarship opportunities.  More information about both is available on the College & Scholarships page.

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Credit Retrieval Policy

Green Valley High School has changed its credit policy. Beginning with the class of 2012, students will no longer be able to make up failed credit at Green Valley High School. If your student loses credit in a class due to failing the semester, he/she will be expected to make up that credit at an alternative location. Students who do not make up their credit will not graduate.

The counseling office has information about credit retrieval programs such as summer school and independent study. If students are in danger of failing a class for the semester, it is highly recommended that they take advantage of after-school tutoring. If you have any questions, please call the counseling office at 799-0950 extension 4300.

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