The main areas of focus in the College and Career Center are Career Exploration, Work Experience, College Preparation, College Visits and Scholarship assistance.

If you need help completing a resume or want some feedback on yours, stop by the College and Career Center or see your counselor for more assistance!

If you are interested in a part-time job, seasonal job, or full time job, stop by the College and Career Center and check out the job postings!

We welcome all Green Valley Gators to take advantage of the numerous services we provide in the College and Career Center and look forward to meeting with you all!

Hours: 7:00-2:30 Monday – Friday
Location: Inside the Library
Contact Number: 702-799-0950 Ext: 4011

College & Scholarships

Both the Counseling Department and the College and Career Center are here to assist students with information about colleges and scholarship opportunities.  More information about both is available on the College & Scholarships page.

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Career Exploration

The Counseling Department & College and Career Center will help with college and career searches through the website, which has a link to NVCIS under the Grades 9-12 drop down.  Stop by the counseling office for one-on-one assistance in researching and finding best career fits and options for students.

NVCIS Log-on Information:
Username: WorkforceC
Password: WorkforceCO1

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeships are available in many industries throughout Nevada.  An apprenticeship will allow you to get the education you need, while you get the training you need — without the debt you don’t need.  Get prepared for the top in-demand jobs on your pathway to career success.

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Work Experience

If you are interested in signing up for work experience you will be required to fill out a Cooperative Occupational Education Training Agreement.

Student requirements for exploratory work experience are as follows:

  1. Submit your check stubs or a photocopy of the check stub to document the hours worked each pay period. (weekly, every two months, or monthly)
  2. Submit a signed Exploratory Work Experience Agreement
  3. Report any changes in job duties or loss of your job
  4. Work on the job a total of 270 hours by the projected completion date, which will result in a ½ credit of elective credit.

A student will NOT receive credit for the following types of employment:

  1. Unlicensed business
  2. Door-to-door solicitation
  3. Telephone solicitations from a home or unlicensed business
  4. Normal family duties at the student’s own home
  5. Babysitting (unless at a licensed child care facility
  6. Jobs which do not comply with federal, state, and local health, safety and legal requirements

For applications and more information, please visit the College and Career Center.