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2021 Commencement Ceremony

Green Valley’s 2021 Commencement Ceremony will be held at The Orleans on May 28, 2021 at 8 am and 12 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 2021 Commencement Ceremony for Green Valley High School at The Orleans?2021-04-21T07:19:31-07:00
Due to social distance restrictions The Orleans Arena accommodates more students and more guests than The Thomas & Mack. Due to the size of our 2021 graduating class, The Orleans is the venue that best fits Green Valley High School students.
What are the ceremony times?2021-04-21T07:19:36-07:00

The first ceremony begins at 8 a.m. and the second ceremony is at 12 p.m.

Why are there two ceremonies?2021-04-21T07:20:07-07:00

To accommodate all Green Valley graduates and give time for the venue to be thoroughly cleaned between ceremonies.

What ceremony will my graduate attend?2021-04-21T07:21:30-07:00

It is split alphabetically. Students with the LAST names A-LEE and IB graduates will attend the 8 a.m. ceremony. Students with the LAST names LEM – Z will attend the 12 p.m. ceremony.

Can I change my ceremony time?2021-04-21T07:21:50-07:00

Unfortunately commencement ceremony times cannot be changed.

How many tickets will my graduate receive?2021-04-21T07:22:08-07:00

Each graduate will receive four tickets to the ceremony.

Can I get any extra tickets?2021-04-21T07:22:28-07:00

No, all graduates will receive four tickets.

My friend does not need their tickets, can they give me their extra tickets?2021-04-21T07:22:46-07:00

No. Tickets are issued in pods of four and cannot be shared. This is a social distancing rule.

Will the graduation ceremony be live streamed?2021-04-21T07:23:13-07:00

Yes! All family and friends not able to attend the ceremony at The Orleans can watch via the internet for free.

Will there be handicap seating?2021-04-21T07:23:31-07:00

Yes, there will be handicap seating. However it will not be on the floor as it was in previous years to the social distancing and spacing of Green Valley Graduates. If you have a member of your family that requires a handicap seat, the rest of your family will be seated in the same area. Once you arrive at the venue, you will request a handicap seating with the ushers.

Where can I buy my cap and gown?2021-04-21T07:28:13-07:00
I don’t know what color of gown I will be wearing.2021-04-21T07:25:26-07:00

Gown colors are specified to Jostens directly via your counselor. All you need to do is enter your height, weight, and gender.

I bought a cap and gown, when can I pick it up?2021-04-21T07:25:56-07:00

Cap and gown distribution will be May 6 at Green Valley High School.

Will there be a photographer there to take pictures?2021-04-21T07:26:13-07:00

Our photographer, Dorian Studios will be at The Orleans to take pictures of the graduates. Once on the sides of the stage with their diploma and one on stage with Mr. Roberts. All graduates will have their pictures taken, you do not need to purchase the picture.

Do I need to wear a mask?2021-04-21T07:26:31-07:00

Yes, a mask is required at all times you are in The Orleans Arena.

When we get the tickets for our guests do we all have to arrive together as a group or can we arrive at separate times?2021-04-21T08:52:22-07:00

You can arrive at different times but must sit with your family in their group of seats.

Can I get an extra ticket and bring 5 people?2021-04-21T08:52:52-07:00

No. Only four tickets will be given for each graduate.

What type of mask do I have to wear?2021-04-22T05:25:59-07:00

Standard masks as approved by CCSD. For the ceremony, plain masks are preferred, writing or sayings on the mask is not permitted. Neck gaiters are also not allowed.

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