Welcome back Gators!!

This year your schedules for the 2022-2023 school year will be released via INFINITE CAMPUS on AUGUST 1st after 3 pm. Once released, please look to see if you have all of your graduation requirements. We know some students took classes over the summer and may need to tweak what they need. If there are problems with your schedule, we have set aside a date and a time to come see your counselor. It is important to try as best as you can to stick to this appointment. If you cannot make either date or time, you can email your counselor the issue. Phone calls will be hard to return as they will be in the Library during Schedule Preview.

If your schedule looks fine, please do not come to the school to see a counselor on those days as they will all be helping students with graduation requirements.

Examples of schedule problems:

  • Already passed the class
  • Not enough classes/credits to graduate
  • CTE track not followed
  • Wrong level of class
  • IEP not followed

Not a schedule problem:

  • Want a different lunch to be with my friend
  • Want a different teacher
  • Want open period but do not qualify
  • Did not get your first choice for electives (you picked 6 in the spring)

These lists are not comprehensive.

Below are links to documents you may find helpful: